Five Day Plan for Natural Grooming at Home

Sometimes an appointment at the grooming spa is just not be option. Unfortunately, this will not stop your furry-kiddo from rolling, digging holes and chasing chipmunks into muddy mounds. Happy healthy dogs, play, chase and dig. Nails grow long and so does fur. Whether your dog sheds fur balls or has hair that grows non-stop from locks to dreads; not grooming results in a whole lot of bad hair days!

Why 5 Days?
Measured time with Fur-kid will encourage learning together without pressure of an end goal. You will also gain the habit of a daily grooming routine. Spend one to two hours a day practicing your skills. Create a positive experience, reward your Fur-Kid with praise and special treats. Every dog tests the limits, use a firm but gentle correction.

Leave the clippers, fancy shears and high-tech dryers for the grooming pros. You won’t even need a bathtub!


Brush and Comb:

  • Hair long or curly: Chose a curved slicker brush.
  • Fur & undercoat: Chose a shedding rake and glove.
  • For either select a metal greyhound comb.

Nail Trimmer & Styptic: Match trimmer to size of dog (small or large?). The scissor style is best for beginners. Styptic (powder to stop minor bleeding) is a must.

Green Dog Botanics Solutions: GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray, GreenDog Botanics Skin Spray + Balm, GreenDog Botanics Eye Mist + Ear Mist.


  • Grooming Loop
  • Cotton Balls and Towel
  • Treat Jar filled with favorite treats, offer exclusively during grooming sessions.

DAY ONE: DIY Grooming-Space
Designate an at home Grooming-Space. It could be a table, counter, workbench. or a nonslip board over sink or tub. Secure an eye hook to attach a grooming lead. Include a tool area within reach. Invite your Fur-kid to “checkout” the space. Spritz her with GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray. Offer a treat. Brush and stroke her lightly while she acclimates to the new environment.

Safety First!  Always keep one hand on your dog in Grooming-Space. Never leave your dog unattended while on a table or in a bathtub.

DAY TWO: Facial Ear & Eye Care
First spritz GreenDog Botanics Eye Mist to remove eye debris, wait, remove debris with a cotton ball. Next, liberally spray Eye Mist on muzzle, dab with a towel & lightly brush to remove soil. Next spray GreenDog Botanics Ear Mist on a cotton ball and inside ears. Swab inside ears with cotton ball. Finally apply skin balm to fur kiddos dry chapped nose.

Safety First! Never insert tools, q-tips, or fingers into ear canal.

No shampoo needed, simply brush. Lift fur and brush from inside out, one section at a time. Comb each section before moving to the next. Brushing removes 75% of dirt and debris, without bathing. Once the coat is free of tangles and unmentionables, a bath may not be necessary.

Safety First! Do you need a grooming buddy? If Fur-Kid is acting difficult, consider asking a buddy to hold and soothe your dog while you groom.

DAY FOUR: Dry Bath
Mist freshly brushed fur generously with GreenDog Botanics Skin Spray, massage with towel, lightly brush. GreenDog Botanics Skin Spray is anti-bacterial, anti itch, it will cleanse and moisturize.

DAY FIVE: Pawdicure
Trim nail tips. Apply Green Dog Botanics Skin Balm to paw pads to heal and protect against dryness and cracks.

Practice makes perfect, your Fur-Kiddo is eager to be your practice model. Learning how-to groom will take time and patience.

Your reward? Bonding with your happy fur pal and no more bad hair days!


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