GreenDog Botanics TeamIf a dog could talk and tell us where it itches, how it hurts, or even why they are afraid, the decisions of a pet parent would be so much easier. Too often, a dog in distress leaves us overwhelmed with no easy answers. As dog moms, we experienced these same dilemmas and realized there were few holistic, natural solutions available.

With deep knowledge of canine wellness and plant-based remedies, GreenDog Botanics was created to provide comfort and relief for our furry kiddos and yours. We are women-owned, passionate about the health and well-being of dogs and committed to natural products that are good for you, your dog and the environment.

Mary, Co-Founder + Dog Guru + Canine Herbalist
Angela, Co-Founder + Retail Mastermind
Alison, Co-Founder + Creative Genius

Meet Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors - Phoenix Poodle Personality Profile


He was a gentle giant that had the calmest demeanor of the whole pack. Don't get us wrong, he was a mischievous young lad that didn't have any trouble finding a little trouble. Never more than Mary could handle though. He is the true inspiration for GreenDog Botanics.


The younger sibling of our gentle giant Phoenix, she mimics his calm demeanor and charm. Her only true nemesis is thunderous fireworks and storms. She finds comfort in getting through them with the GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray + Balm combination.

Most days you will find Henrietta supervising a photo shoot, eating a rawhide (or eating a rawhide while at a photoshoot), on a walk or looking out her bedroom window watching the world go by. It (the world) does revolve around her.

Board of Directors - Henrietta Poodle Personality Profile
Board of Directors - Jet Poodle Personality Profile


Jet was the oldest and wisest of pack. She left us at 17, but everyone knew she was BossLady #1. Coming in at 6 pounds zero ounces, the other pack members seem to agree that she was the biggest dog in town. They truly look up to her (even though they need to look down to see that they don't step on her). Known to others as "Mr. Burns" since she tiptoes across the room just like the character from the Simpson's, but she's much cuter.

In her younger days her favorite game was "chase the tiny ball around" (or big ball). It could be the size of a golf ball, or the size of a yoga ball. If it was a ball, Jet loved pushing it around.  In her elder years, GreenDog Botanics Pain Spray allowed her to have better mobility and chase the ball a few more time. 

We will miss this little light in the world.


Beatrix the Rottweiler, I mean Poodle. This is the kind of lady you want to have your back. A fierce and devoted protector. She never failed to keep us safe from the dogs and dancing M & M's on the television (watching TV is one of her favorite past times). Unfortunately she was terrified of lawn ornaments and loud noises so there was a trade off on who needs to protect who, a true prizefighter.

She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given 6 months to live, but stayed with us another 2 1/2 years. The disease was aggressive and complicated. She was on 5 different cardiac meds, four times a day. They provided her quality of life, but caused her nose to dry out and painfully crack. The GreenDog Botanics Skin Balm was created to comfort her little nose. Both the Skin and the Pain Balm were lifesavers. The Calming Spray helped with her anxiety since she got scared by not knowing why these things were happening to her. The stress that comes with taking constant care of a loved one can be overwhelming to both pup and parent...the Calm Spray can help the caregiver too.

She had shown us a true will to live. She looked at her people with a longing that every person + animal deserves. She just wanted to be loved and give love. That was Beatrix and her big (hard working) heart.

We lost her at almost 14, but miss her every day.

Board of Directors - Beatrix Poodle Personality Profile
Board of Directory - Poppy Poodle Personality Profile


Don't let her Diva good looks fool you. This is the farm's #1 security guard. (She takes her job very seriously too). Her lightning fast reflexes were put to the test last summer when she faced off with a bald Eagle as it swooped down to pick up her little sister Penelope. Poppy (aka THE SUPERHERO) shielded her little dog sister, barked and lunged which sent the predator back to the sky and that eagle flew away defeated. Penelope left safely by her side on the ground where she belongs.

At age ten, she is considered a senior dog yet still a poster child of good health. Our vet attributes her youthful condition to plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. We like to think that it is also the product of a balanced life. She enjoys her life on the farm, and even more she enjoys her end-of-the day rituals. She gets "the farm" cleaned out of her ears with the Ear Mist, tired eyes refreshed with Eye Mist and a spritz of Calm Spray to wind down. Time to relax with a good bone. Work hard all day, relax hard all night. Poppy, the protector now rests.


Penelope's mama was a show dog. She was meant to be a show dog too, but the world had different plans for this Chinese Crested Powder-Puff mini hurricane. She comes from a long line of "purse dogs" but her independent spirit was not meant to be carried around. Today she is a mighty force on the farm. She knows her way around a barn and keeps the horses in line by circling her pack, moving them along nipping at the hoof and heel to keep her charges in line. When Penelope looks in the mirror, she does not see a five pound show dog with excellent confirmation, she sees the 30 pound Border Collie she was born to be.

But, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to take care of herself. She gets her pony tail brushed out every night, a spritz of GreenDog Eye Mist (since they tend to run), and a quick swab in her ears with the GreenDog Ear Mist to keep them free of debris. Now that she's freshened up, it's time to look for a nighttime snack, rest, and repeat the farm life. Um, until Harpo arrived. Now she has a new puppy friend that is a ball of energy. She says "give me a squirt of that GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray too". This guy is nuts.

Board of Directory - Penelope Chinese Crested Powder Puff Personality Profile
Board of Directors - Harpo Poodle Personality Profile


Still only four months old, Harpo is establishing his rightful place in the pack. Someday he will find his job, for now he’s all puppy; curious, playful, mischievous, adorable, naughty, mouthy and a good but distracted listener. He will ignore ten toys for a mouthful of the Wallstreet Journal and we are quickly finding out that if you left your shoes at the door, they are now in his bed. All of them.

Harpo has a can do, everybody loves me, take on life attitude. What could be more fun than to live through life like everyone loves you? And that EVERYONE wants a hug. Even his new (so far somewhat hesitant) new sister's Penelope and Poppy are learning to adjust to a newbie in the house. They are annoyed. He does not notice that they are annoyed. Can everyone sit pretty for your spritz of Calm Spray? We are going to need the big bottle.

He was named, independently Harpo by both Mary and Jim. They found that name without ever speaking of it before. Without being avid fans of the Marx Brothers, (Or trying to mimic Oprah's Co. namesake). They each said it out loud as this new addition's name to each other at the same time. Now that is one coincidence that you can't deny! No other names were needed to be discussed. It's Harpo.

His name means "Gift from God". A shoe eating, fluffy, super lovable gift from God it is then. Welcome aboard friend!


We support change champions whose passion is improving the health + wellbeing of animals (and people)

mariamma charitable trust

Mariamma Charitable Trust, ladies working at Belaku Kendra, Center of Light Training Center

a force for good

saving tigers. helping dogs. empowering local communities.

Founded by Sunita Dhairyam in 2003, The Mariamma Charitable Trust focuses on initiatives that protect the environment and reduces conflict between wildlife and humans. This includes compensation schemes, medical care, education, and training for the local population, as well as disease control for domestic animals. Her work is at the local level, partnering with 145 villages near the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Southern India.

The Trust not only focused on Tigers and endangered species, but the wellbeing of all animals, including the often-ignored stray dog. The Trust has implemented birth control for local dogs and has carried out an intensive vaccination program against the Canine Distemper virus and rabies for domestic dogs in 131 villages surrounding the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Over 1,250 vaccinated to date.  

As a women-owned company, we support women helping women. Sunita is an inspiration and a boots-on-the-ground force for change. Her conservation efforts focus on short term compensation for cattle kills in the local area to offset the loss of livelihood in exchange for no retaliation against the wildlife. Her long-term efforts focus on developing sustainable economic resources and creating a cottage industry focused on women. She has recently opened Belaku Kendra Training Center empowering local women and training them on new skills to help them build new livelihoods.  Currently they are producing eco-friendly dog products sold locally in India. In the near future, we will be partnering on developing new products for GreenDog Botanics.

For more information or to donate directly to the Trust, check out their website.

View Mariamma Charitable Trust