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travel made easy

"My two puppies always struggled with car rides until I used the GreenDog Botanics calm spray. Works great right away!"

Lori + Leo + Lucy (Aussie- Doodles)

stress-free grooming

"Tank usually stresses out at the sight of the groomer, but, this time he was really good! No Tradazone and the groomer said he was just fine. We used the Calm Spray, and for the first time he did not need drugs."

Jodi + Tank (Berni Doodle)

anxiety relief

★★★★★ "I have a very anxious lab and have tried everything to find her relief. I cannot say enough nice things about this spray and the calm it has brought to our special girl. If I could buy it by the gallon I would!!! Thank you for creating a solution that actually helps, I will be a lifelong customer!"

Jill + Morgan, (White English Lab)


"Zoe loves it when we put the calm spray on her. Its her time for self-care!"

Bridget + Zoe, Shitzu Poodle (12 yrs old)

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Every Dog Deserves 100% natural relief for a long, happy + healthy life - three poodles

Your dog deserves 100% natural relief for a long, happy + healthy life

GreenDog Botanics™ wellness solutions are designed to calm the anxious canine, relieve chronic pain + soothe itchy skin.

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Skin Relief

Relieves itchy skin, allergies, hotspots/rashes, insect bites and bee stings. Nourishes skin and live coat, restoring moisture and resilience. Less shedding AND relieves itching.



Relieves anxiety, stress, and fear. Calm your dog during travel, grooming, vet visits, or unfamiliar situations.


Soothes + heals + protects

Topical application for fast-acting gentle relief on problem areas. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Safe, effective, and easy to apply to coat and skin.

Human tested + Dog approved

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GreenDog Botanics Full Collection for Calming, Pain Relief, Skin Relief and Natural Grooming

Natural Grooming

Gentle cleansing ear mist for chronic ear discomfort and cleansing eye mist to remove debris and refresh tired itchy eyes.
Why it works - Plantain (Platago Major) is the superstar ingredient included in most of our blends. It is antibacterial, antimicrobial, as well as anti-inflammatory and non-toxic.


Canine and eco-conscious, plant-based ingredients have been meticulously selected for their deep healing and protective properties.

Plantain (Plantago Major) is the superstar ingredient included in most of our blends. It is antibacterial antimicrobial, as well as anti-inflammatory and non-toxic.


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the greendog botanics difference

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From DIY dog grooming, wellness + herbal remedies to travel and training tips. Discover natural & do-able solutions for your dog’s healthier life.

Learn from the best. Our resident dog guru, Mary Faith Moore is dedicated to making life better for our four-legged companions. You can learn a thing or two about dogs when you devote 45 years to all things pet related!

Over the years she has established successful grooming businesses, opened two vocational schools, consulted for national pet retailers and is a published writer. She has immersed herself in herbal studies and organic farming and is highly practiced in discovering real-time natural solutions for dogs.

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