Calm during Storms + Thunder

“We’d like to provide reviews for four of the products we are using from GreenDog Botanics.  We have two dogs - Scout (13) and Bandit (12).  Both are Wheaten Terriers and despite their age, are puppies inside.

Scout has always had elevated anxiety.  We have been using GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray and Calm Balm to help her relax.  It’s great for stormy weather and in the evening when she struggles to wind down.  Used together, they provide a great combination.  Bandit likes to fire her up for a good storm, so we’ve been using the Calm Spray to help him settle as the thunder begins.  Both dogs are in a better place with a little help from the Calm products.

Scout also has arthritis in her hind quarters.  We’ve added GreenDog Botanics Pain Balm and Pain Spray to her regimen to alleviate the pain.  Its especially helpful at the end of a day when she has been more active.  The Pain Balm seems to relax her and set her up for a better night’s sleep, while the Pain Spray provides a quick way to provide some needed relief.

Healthy dogs add so much to our lives and we’re thankful for the great products developed by GreendDog Botanics.  I would highly recommend each of the products we use.”

Tom + Scout (13 yrs old) + Bandit (12 yrs old) Wheaton Terriers

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