A Fan of ALL of the Products

"Having two Labradors we use the GreenDog Botanics Ear Mist weekly to keep their ears healthy. My yellow male had eye surgery a year ago for ectropion but still can have weeping from one eye and the GreenDog Botanics Eye Mist seems to really help minimize irritation. I just gently spray like you would use an Evian water mist. We use this daily.

My black female had anal gland itching before we switched to just freeze-dried treats and cut out any processed junk food treats from the stores and the GreenDog Botanics Skin Balm was immensely helpful as she healed.  We used this anytime she seems “focused” on her behind. We use the GreenDog Botanics Skin Balm to help heal irritation or abrasions from anything these two seem to get into like burrs or brush.

We use the GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray when we have some crate time when I have a conference call for work.  I spray it in the room like room spray, it smells nice too! And I love the GreenDog Botanics Pain Spray so much I keep it under my pillow to help my tennis elbow when it bothers me in the middle of the night so I can get back to sleep.

I also use the Skin Balm on my hands before bed and I believe it helps to minimize those pesky age spots from the sun.

We use these products so often now I just keep them in a dedicated space in the kitchen, so they are always handy.  We also take them with us when we go to the cabin.  Worth their weight to bring them along.

We found the sampler makes a great gift too!  It makes such a beautifully packaged, thoughtful and fun gift."

Trish + Ole, Yellow Lab + Lena, Black Lab

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