Seven Easy Steps to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies function on high bursts of energy, propelled by instinct, curiosity, and an attention span of two seconds. Puppies are furry tornados propelled to search, play and (too often) destroy.  The parent-puppy bond wears thin when you are on your belly trying to coax a mischievous fur ball from under your sofa or bed. GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray, training and simple preparation will ensure your entire family a smooth transition.

  1.  Safety First: Cover or hide all wires and cords. Keep edibles (especially chocolate) out of puppies reach. Devouring a box of chocolate-covered cherries will guarantee a trip to the emergency vet.
  2.  Calm Puppy = Happy Puppy: Apply Greendog Botanics Calm Spray and Balm before unfamiliar people visit your house. Spritz puppy with Calm Spray, then apply Calm Balm to paw-pads and nose. Repeat as needed.
  3. Teach Basic Manners: Once your fur-kid understands Sit, Down and Stay, you can teach boundaries. Coach puppy manners with every interaction. When puppy wants to play, put her in a sit, then throw the ball. When she jumps up for attention, put her in a down then reward with a belly rub. Practice “Stay” to show puppy what areas are off limits.
  4. Focus: Teach puppy to focus by using her name. When you communicate look into her eyes, say her name, fix her attention, then release your gaze, praise with her name.
  5. Set Pup up for Success: Remove temptations from puppy-land. Move plants out of reach. Stow breakables out of the way. Don’t leave any food about, especially candy and chocolate. When your puppy is in new home excitement, encourage good behavior by limiting her access with a puppy-gate.
  6. Create a GreenDog Puppy Zen-Den: Use Calm spray on toys and fluffy bedding, regularly. For a super hang out, make sure puppy has a snuffle blanket, or puzzle toy and good chew toy. Switch it up occasionally.
  7. Mix it up with Frozen Treats: Keep puppy occupied with nutritious, delicious frozen snacks.
    • Nut-butter Balls: Mix small bite kibble with nut butter, roll into balls and freeze.
    • Pumpkin Pops: Pour (100% pure) canned pumpkin into ice cube trays, freeze.
    • Icy Chew Toy: Fill rubber chew toy or ball with nut butter, freeze.

With a little preparation, patience, and a bottle of GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray, you will trade puppy time mishaps and mayhem for memorable moments.

Puppy Proof, and don’t forget your camera! 


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