Back to Work? Ease the Change for your Dog by Creating a Zen-Den.

Its 2021 and a time for transitions!  Its back to school for human kids, and for many of us, a return to “jobs-not-at-home”. Unfortunately, this leaves our fur-kids home alone. For many dogs, it has been a while or for new pups, a completely new experience.  A dog without his people can lead to depression, anxiety, and unwelcome behavior. A Zen-Den offers a soft place to land and a secure peaceful environment to help your dog cope with the “new normal”. 

A small space (kennel, crate or pen) designed for your dog. A happy place to rest and be calm. Every dog needs a Zen-Den for security, comfort, and peace of mind.

The Zen-Den should have just enough space for your dog to stretch, stand up and turn around.  The Zen-Den should include a water bowl, special toys and comfortable bedding. To create a calm and comfortable environment, spritz the Zen-Den with GreenDog Botanics Calm Spray and dim the lights. Complete the experience by playing a little music that you and your dog will enjoy. Once your pup is settled in, resist changing or relocating the den. Consistency and routine are what your dog needs. Ease them into this transition by keeping the Zen-Den door open when you are home so pup can explore.

Tip: Your unwashed t-shirt or pillowcase is a great addition to the Zen-Den. Your scent keeps you near and helps pup relax.

Puppies sleep, play and relax in their Zen-Den. Use this space for behavior training including housebreaking. Welcome puppy to its den with a tasty treat or chew and a spritz of Calm Spray. If your dog is an adult, but new to the Zen-Den it may become the new favorite place to be. But, if alone time causes anxiety, creating a Zen-Den is a first step in overcoming your stressed pup’s worried nature.

Acclimate slowly, apply GreenDog Botanics Calm Balm and Spray to your pup and then lead them into den. Offer a frozen chew or puzzle toy to keep them busy. Start slow and return after a few minutes if your dog becomes anxious. Repeat several times, gradually allowing more time in between, until you both become comfortable. After practicing, release dog with hugs, praise, and play.

TIP: Apply Calm Balm to paw pads and nose, worried dog will inhale and relax. If your dog is licking or chewing in a state of nervous energy, apply Calm Balm on the lick spot. Calm Balm will heal the skin, sooth anxiety and is non-toxic.

TIP: Introduce fun and games in the Zen-Den. Stock up on small, tasty treats. Offer puzzles, smart toys (even Dog TV) to keep them entertained. Spritz toys and games with Calm Spray.

To ensure your dog’s Zen, build them a den! Create a Zen-Den that is unique to your dog’s special wants and needs. Use your imagination to add a fur-personal touch!

If your dog already has a Zen-Den, please share and send lots of pics!  

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